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I am shooting for the stars and I hope you do too.

I was born in the quaint village of Kefermarkt | Austria | 1984 |
PHOTOGRAPHY is my true OBSESSION because it allowes me to engage with people from different social backgrounds and different cultures. Images that are rooted with it’s core values in people, SPORT and fashion illuminates my spirit.
It expands my horizone each time I take pictures because it preserves the memories of all the unique people I meet. Photography in essence is not only a matter of lighting techniques, image layout or camera settings. It gives me the opportunity to connect to people and involve them in the process of taking their pictures. It’s a collaboration with the iduvidual that creates a quality image. The greatest GIFT for me is to obtain the trust of people who share their life STORY with me. A true connection makes them feel comfortable in front of my camera and leads to a HONEST and strong image. Getting to know people, their STORIES, their trust and a good picture as an end result is magical for me.

I consider myself as a very idealistic, passionate and adventurous person with a strong mind. I am a good listener – so I listen to what you say to me and then talk. I live for my dreams and I love to laugh. The relationship to you, my client is very important to me. It’s like in every other relationship – we have to fit together. I am looking for a respectful collaboration were we can work on high quality projects. You can expect my whole passion and my best knowledge for any of your projects. If I don’t feel comfortable with a project I would rather say no, than not delivering a high quality work.

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Sandra Birklbauer


20 countries traveled

in my life

5 different countries

I've lived

1 HOUR of

Ukulele per day

3 different languages

I speak


  • Red Bull
  • KTM for Kiska
  • Pulpmedia
  • Scarabtec
  • Otto Kern
  • Hugo Boss for RTT
  • Fotostudio Fasching
  • Braun for Zooom Productions
  • Joseph Chen
  • Iris Brosch
  • Nicola Thost/Snowboarder/Germany
  • Dennis Tiege
  • Studioastic
  • Philipp Benedikt
  • Michael Ramhardter
  • www.granitodearena.com.ec
  • Alister Dream Wilder
  • Nicola Thost/Sprungbrett
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Tatler Magazine UK
  • Twill Paris
  • Idee Fixe NYC
  • Female Magazine Indonesia
  • New Times Media
  • 7 Mares Magazine Costa Rica

What I can do for you

Please take a look at the WORK Section to see some of my projects. If you like my style let’s talk. I am happy to assist you to bring your vision to live. It’s important to me to create a comforbable work environment, to get to know each other, sit on one table, create ideas and make it happen. It’s also the personal relationship between you and me that produces great work.
And that’s what we want, right!?


PHOTOGRAPHY is my true OBSESSION because it allowes me to engage with people from different social backgrounds and different cultures. My expertise is portrait, beauty/fashion, lifestyle and sports photography.

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I am not only a photographer, I am also an post-production expert. That makes my work easier, because I know exactly what to do during production to avoid problems during postproduction. You can also hire me to do your postproduction - and be on set as a postproduction supervisor.

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Sometimes it's better to choose moving images to tell a story. I love playing with dept of field, light and emotions. If you do too, let't talk about your project. I would be happy to bring your idea to live.

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With every step I make I try to look beyond what I see. I try to understand, to feel and tell a story.

  • All
  • Photography
  • Retouching
  • Video
  • Action

Skateboarding – NYC

Photography / Action

Afrika Burn/Epic Wear


Mthetho Mapoyi – Opera Singer


YumHum Package Design


Personal Shopper


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“What my clients say”


    “Lovely, sweet and patience are a few traits that couldn’t go unnoticed while shooting with Sandra Birklbauer. From the streets of Chinatown through the walkways of Crownheights she documented me in such tasteful ways that I’ll always cherrish those photos."


    "You know when you are working with a good photographer when you are doing the stuffs and never see the photographer, never know about the camera, or pay attention to the lens. Then, later, you see the photos and figure out that she was always there. On all the important moments and catching the feeling of what we need to comunicate."


    “Sk8 for Gr8 Cape Town would recommend Sandra if you are wanting beautiful shots of top quality. It was fantastic to have such a great photographer photograph our launch."


My Life + My Work + My Passion

Want to get to know me and my work better? Let’s visit my blog. I also share my travel stories, my knowledge and everything about my other projects with you.

All about my work and life

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